How To Admit You’ve Been Faking Orgasms

Faking Orgasms(!) Great to be featured in an article by Refinery29 about this. "If you’re finding it difficult to unpick, or feel it’s the result of internalised sexual shame or past/present trauma, you might want to seek help from a qualified therapist. The College of Sexual and Relationship Therapists(COSRT) website has a directory where you [...]

“My Husband Refuses to Address His Low Libido”

I was recently featured in The Guardian, for an article on low libido and its impact on a relationship. "One of the biggest lies we’re sold as women is that men have insatiable sexual appetites that we can’t keep up with. That’s certainly not the case...." Click on the logo below to read the full [...]

What happens when you find the idea of sex daunting

I was interviewed recently for netdoctor on what to do if you find intimacy difficult. "According to Krystal Woodbridge, a psychosexual therapist at the College of Sexual Relationship Therapists (COSRT), finding sex intimidating can be centred around body image issues, especially for women, and how they perceive their partner wants them to look." "Many women also [...]

Better sleep ‘boosts sex life for older women’

Getting a good night's sleep may be key to a better sex life for women over 50, according to a study. I was recently interviewed by Boots WebMD on this - read the article by clicking on the link below:- Read the article here

How your sex life can be improved with Mindfulness

I was recently interviewed for the Independent on Mindfulness, and its place in improving your sex life. Read the full article by clicking the link below:- Read the Independent Article Here And then let me know what you think!

What a sex therapist recommends all couples should do

I was interviewed for today's Independent on what I think all couples should do to improve their sex lives. Read the full Independent article HERE

What actually happens during orgasm?

Ever wanted to know what actually happens during male and female orgasm?? Check out my recent input as a Psychosexual Therapist in The Question - a website magazine which addresses questions on all topics asked of experts in their fields! Read the article HERE.

No Sex Please, We’re British

Persuasion_Soho House_No Sex Please_Event Summary I was recently lucky enough to be invited to talk on a panel with two other experts for Persuasion Communications and Dirty Soup. In the lively debate, based at Soho House in London, we discussed whether recent research – that states that the British public are having less sex than we [...]