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Psychosexual Therapy

Problems with sex?

Are you concerned about how this is affecting your relationship?

Does this prevent you from finding or keeping a new relationship?

Specialist Sexual Counselling available in St Albans, Hertfordshire

Many people find it extremely difficult to talk about sexual issues, often finding it shameful or embarrassing. However, did you know that most people will experience issues with sex at some point in their lives? Taking the positive step of seeking help for these issues with a specialist Psychosexual Therapist can help you to:-
  • Depositphotos_1310572_originalIdentify the problem more clearly
  • Understand what may be causing the difficulty
  • Help you to determine whether the problem could be emotional or physical (or both)
  • Set goals and identify a therapy programme to help guide you through your issues

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Disability – individuals with a lifelong disability or illness, or who become disabled, may experience difficulties with certain sexual positions, and may need to adapt the way they interact sexually with their partners. There may be fears or concerns regarding sexual contact with another person following illness or disability and a lack of confidence as a result.
Sexual Identity Issues – individuals or those around them may experience confusion or difficulty in understanding their sexual orientation, resulting in much distress for the individual concerned.
Low Sexual Desire – lack of, or loss of sexual desire is a common problem for individuals and couples and can have many causes.
Orgasmic Difficulties – many women have difficulty in achieving orgasm, with some women never having had an orgasm at all. This may not be a problem for many women but for those who wish to experience orgasm, this can be frustrating.
Vaginismus – this is an involuntary contraction of the muscles of the vagina, making penetration of the vagina either very difficult and painful or impossible
Painful Intercourse (dyspareunia) – this affects both men and women and it is important that a medical cause is ruled out in the first instance. Sex therapy can help when there is no obvious physical reason for the pain.
Erectile Difficulties – difficulty in achieving and/or maintaining an erection is a common problem and can be very stressful. If the cause is medical, sex therapy can help the individual or couple to adapt to connecting sexually in different ways. If there is no identified medical reason for the difficulties, sex therapy can be very helpful in addressing the problem.
Ejaculation Problems – these can take the form of premature ejaculation (when ejaculation occurs very quickly after commencing intercourse), delayed ejaculation (when ejaculation either does not occur or only occurs after a great length of time and with much difficulty), or retrograde ejaculation (where semen passes into the bladder rather than out through the urethra).
Sex Addiction – an intense sex drive or obsession with sex can dominate an individuals’ life and cause many issues within their relationships. These individuals can put themselves and others at risk of emotional or physical injury, and in some cases can lead to illegal activity.
Fetish & Paraphilia – this occurs when an individual becomes sexually aroused by an object or a situation often not normally associated with sex. This can be harmless, but can also cause anxiety for the individual with the fetish or paraphilia, and can become problematic if it starts to affect other areas of their life.

In some situations it is important to rule out any medical reasons for the sexual problem, and this is where Krystal’s extensive nursing experience can help to establish whether the individuals should seek further medical advice from a treating practitioner.

Psychosexual therapy is a talking therapy, aimed at helping the individual or couple to better understand themselves sexually. This is achieved through in-depth discussion of the presenting issues and influencing factors, to enable them to work through their problems.