I was featured in The Guardian recently on a really difficult issue – how illness has affected the sex life of one couple:-

Ten years ago, my husband was diagnosed with prostate cancer. Up to that point, we had a very loving marriage. Post-op, it took us seven difficult months to get back to having penetrative sex, the only way I can achieve orgasm.

Two years later, my husband’s cancer returned. He had radiotherapy and then a heart operation. He got back on his feet and we resumed a regular sex life, but there was no spontaneity any more due to the medication he was taking. Then, last autumn, he got bladder cancer. Two operations later, he is still recovering. We are now in our 60s and he has suddenly aged. He has many good days, but if he does too much, it becomes a struggle for him to control his bladder.

We struggle on with sex about once a week, but the occasions when he loses his erection are more frequent, and difficult. I no longer have orgasms, and although I recognise that sex makes us feel closer, it also fills me with dread. At the same time, I am afraid of what an absence of sex would do to our perception of ourselves as a couple.

Read the article and my response HERE.