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There have been many television programmes about sex recently, including Channel 4’s Sex Box and Porn on the Brain. Some of these have received criticism from Sex Therapists for various reasons. The new television series, Masters of Sex (the first episode was aired on Channel 4 on 8th October 2013 at 10pm) is the subject of an article published in today’s Guardian newspaper in which I am interviewed regarding my view of the programme (see the attached link). The series is a biographical account of the pioneering sexual research undertaken by Masters and Johnson in the 1950’s. The programme highlights the challenges faced by Masters and Johnson in justifying the merit and importance of their work in the face of moral judgements and criticism.

Their work allowed sex therapists a much better understanding of common sexual problems and dysfunctions which has shaped the way we work today. Interestingly, amidst the clinical environment and interactions of the researchers, the programme highlighted some of the difficulties in personal, romantic and sexual relationships that both Masters and  Johnson were experiencing outside of the lab, and there is the sense that this could impact on and spill over into the research environment through what therapists refer to as erotic transference. It will be interesting to see how this develops during the series but it is encouraging to see a programme about sex which doesn’t separate sex from relationships, as so often happens in the media.