Above is an article in yesterday’s The Times Newspaper (20th August 2015) in which I was quoted on the subject of low sexual desire in women. I had the opportunity to speak with several journalists this week about the drug Addyi, hailed as the New Female Viagra, on behalf of the College of Sexual and Relationship Therapists (COSRT). Whilst it is fantastic that female sexual issues are receiving so much media attention and being taken seriously, and that women now have another option, as a Sex Therapist I also wanted to highlight the importance of the underlying emotional and psychological causes of low sexual desire in women. The amount of media attention received on this perhaps indicates the controversy that surrounds this. I am personally delighted that we are discussing sexual issues in the mainstream media and that this has encouraged some healthy debate. I hope it will encourage women experiencing low sexual desire to seek help, for what is a common issue for many women and their partners.