Man on antidepressants – “I’m not interested in sex”

My life in sex: 'I can get an erection, no problem, but I'm simply not interested' Each week, The Guardian publishes a piece entitled "My life in sex" where people discuss and share an area of their sex life. This one is written by a man on antidepressants and how it has affected their sex [...]

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The science of sex: what happens to our bodies when we’re aroused?

It’s good for our mental and physical health, lowering blood pressure and boosting the immune system This article explains how sex is good for our mental and physical health. We thought this may be an interesting read for anyone experiencing any type of sexual difficulty, so decided to share. Sex is the most talked-about, joked [...]

Are you sexually connected?

The amount, quality or frequency of sex in any relationship is unique to each couple, and there are no rules that say how often you should have sex, or what type of sex you should have. However, couples often complain that they are not having as much sex as they would like, and/or feel that [...]

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So you like dressing up? Guest Blog.

By StayingInTheShadows “So you like the clothes and the make-up?  Is that why you want to be a woman?”  This is the challenge often laid before those who would wish to leave behind the male way of life they have had to accept since birth, and who would, instead, hope to be able to express [...]

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Free Webinar with the Vulval Pain Society!

Breaking Down the Barriers I am delighted to be presenting my Webinar tonight at 7pm for the Vulval Pain Society. My talk will focus on how to maintain intimacy in relationships where penetrative sexual intercourse is difficult or impossible due to vaginal pain. This is relevant to you if you experience vaginal pain or if [...]

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On Becoming a Sex Therapist

I have been very busy recently. The onset of winter and the approach to Christmas inevitably leads to many people reflecting on their lives, family, friends, work. At this time of year many people begin to struggle with issues in these areas and can find it difficult to know where to turn for support. As [...]

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Now we are three

    I was recently invited to a Children’s Centre in Hertfordshire, to talk to a group of new mothers on a subject that forms the basis of many issues that couples come to see me with. That is; having a new baby and its impact on the couple relationship. Parents-to-be can spend months preparing [...]

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