How To Talk To Your Partner About Sex

Woodbridge Therapy's, Director Krystal Woodbridge, was in the Guardian on Saturday, discussing how you can talk to your partner about sex. “Woodbridge agrees: “People believe they have the power to give another person an orgasm – they don’t. If you take ownership of your own orgasm, it’s within nobody’s power to “not” give you one.” [...]

My Husband’s Illnesses Have Ruined Our Sex Life

I was featured in The Guardian recently on a really difficult issue - how illness has affected the sex life of one couple:- Ten years ago, my husband was diagnosed with prostate cancer. Up to that point, we had a very loving marriage. Post-op, it took us seven difficult months to get back to having [...]

Glasgow Herald: Sex and Dementia

I was really honoured to be featured in the Glasgow Herald recently about a very important issue: sex and dementia. Care Scotland recently launched a press release on this difficult area, and they are advocating for more support for people with dementia who wish to express their sexuality. "THE College of Sexual and Relationship Therapists [...]

How to say no to being a bridesmaid!

I was recently interviewed for InStyle Magazine, on how to use communication skills that I regularly teach couples, to say no to being a bridesmaid! "...relationship coach Krystal Woodbridge agrees with me, that you can say no and keep your relationship intact. It’s all about how you pitch it and how you follow up. Here’s [...]

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How to build trust and confidence if you’ve experienced a bad relationship

I was featured again recently in an article for Netdoctor, talking about how to learn to re-build trust in your relationship. Click on the link below to read the article below to find out how:-

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How your sex life can be improved with Mindfulness

I was recently interviewed for the Independent on Mindfulness, and its place in improving your sex life. Read the full article by clicking the link below:- Read the Independent Article Here And then let me know what you think!

7 Signs Your Relationship is Headed for Divorce

Sometimes it can be difficult to tell whether your relationship is just experiencing a "blip", or whether there are more serious underlying issues that need resolving.   My article published in The Guardian today addresses just this issue, and outlines 7 main signs to look out for when trying to decide whether you need further, [...]

Resurrect the fun in your relationship!

Easter, also known as Pasch, is here. A religious celebration of the resurrection of Jesus Christ from the dead, Easter has also become a huge commercial holiday. Whether you are religious or not, for most of us, when we think of Easter and the period of time either side of it, lots of familiar imagery [...]

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Do you want to transform your relationship?

It’s here! Today (20 March 2016) is the Spring Equinox which marks the official start of Spring – the season most associated with transformation, hope and fertility! We have already started to notice lighter mornings and evenings – doesn’t it make it feel so much nicer to leave for work when it’s light and to [...]

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