Day dates in the wilderness!

“Date nights” are a popular way of couples spending much-needed time together but we read this article by therapist Hannah Eaton who believes that ‘day dates’ are a much more positive way of spending time together. “For married couple Hannah and Connor Eaton, adventure is the best form of therapy. The Seattle couple make time [...]

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Arguing style and a happy relationship!

What is the key to a happy relationship? Your arguing style! Woodbridge Therapy recently read this article on about your arguing style and how it can be key to a happy relationship. Take a read and see what you think! If you’re in a relationship, at some point you will argue. That’s not a [...]

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Polyamorist Relationships

Woodbridge Therapy read this article about a person's account of their polyamorist relationships: The day I turned 30, I felt more loved than any other day in my life. I was on an extended stay in Tokyo with my partner, Jase. For weeks, he had been teasing a surprise. He asked repeated questions about my [...]

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Gaslighting relationship – why they are so devastating

Woodbridge Therapy read this article about how devastating a gaslighting relationship can be and wanted to share it with you: Gaslighters/narcissists can cause a great deal of trauma. If you are in a relationship with a gaslighter/narcissist, it may have traumatized you in ways that you aren't consciously aware of yet. Read on to uncover [...]

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Man on antidepressants – “I’m not interested in sex”

My life in sex: 'I can get an erection, no problem, but I'm simply not interested' Each week, The Guardian publishes a piece entitled "My life in sex" where people discuss and share an area of their sex life. This one is written by a man on antidepressants and how it has affected their sex [...]

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10 ideas for people afraid of ending a relationship

Are you afraid of ending a relationship? published ten ideas for people who are: 1. You are, to a far greater extent than you perhaps realise, already alone. The condition you fear will happen has already happened. To be formally alone would merely mean concretising something that has been your reality for a long [...]

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Over 50s having adventurous sex

As you get older, you gain greater self-assurance and confidence – and that apparently extends into the bedroom. Over 50s having adventurous sex is very common, with 62% saying they have become more daring in the bedroom because they now have fewer inhibitions. As you get older, you gain greater self-assurance and confidence – and [...]

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Wht makes you proud to be non-binary?

July marks International Non-binary Day and in celebration, Pink News spoke to some individuals about what makes them proud to be non-binary... “It’s like, I make sense to myself now, my identity makes sense. I can actually look at myself in the mirror in a way I couldn’t identifying as a woman. Everybody should get [...]

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The science of sex: what happens to our bodies when we’re aroused?

It’s good for our mental and physical health, lowering blood pressure and boosting the immune system This article explains how sex is good for our mental and physical health. We thought this may be an interesting read for anyone experiencing any type of sexual difficulty, so decided to share. Sex is the most talked-about, joked [...]