Debrief Article: Bed Death – Coming to a Relationship Near You? Read the article Here

I was contacted recently by  journalist for The Debrief, asking for advice on Bed Death and how couples can avoid this. I have to admit, the title of the piece filled me with dread.  It sounded so morbid and not at all in keeping with how I approach working with couples on their relationships – with nurturing replenishment and revival, and embracing the joy of their lives together! However I also completely understand that for many couples, the absence of intimacy and sex can feel as though a part, if not all, of their relationship has “died a death”. Often when couples come to see me they have drifted apart to the point of not communicating, and it appears that they are both grieving for the happy relationship they used to have. One partner will argue that a lack of sex has lead to a deterioration in the communication, whilst the other partner will say it is the poor communication which has lowered their desire to have sex. This poses a chicken and egg type question: What came first – the lack of communication or the lack of sex? As a Relationship Coach my focus is to help couples understand where they have veered off course, and give them a map to orienteer their way around obstacles and back together in natural, joyful connection. Once that has been achieved, enjoying a harmonious and passionate sex life becomes a natural progression.