Sexual Compulsivity – The Rare Truth

The team at Woodbridge Therapy recently read this article about the Rare Truth of Sexual Compulsivity which was published on Sexual compulsivity, also known as out-of-control sexual behavior, has been documented. So has being sexually turned on by bees—melissaphilia. Like melissaphilia, true sexual compulsivity is rare. It hardly ever appeared in the psychology literature [...]

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Does Sexual Wellbeing Lead to Better Life And Leadership Skills?

The following article was recently published on, discussing sexual wellbeing and if it leads to a  better life and leadership skills.    The connection between sexual well-being and mental and physical health has been recently attracting more interest. Sexual wellness brands -many of which endure constant advertising censoring- advocate to position sexual health and [...]

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Why We Take Our Exes Back

We recently came across this article which looks into the pyschology of why we take our exes back - take a look and see what you think... The Psychology Behind Why We Take Our Exes Back — And How To Finally Stop My last big breakup happened after a three-and-a-half-year relationship, but it wasn’t as [...]

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Trauma of Infertility

Woodbridge Therapy read this article recently on the lasting trauma of infertility. It was published on The New York Times and was written by Regina Townsend, found of The Broken Brown Egg.   I recently came across a quotation by Vincent van Gogh, and it triggered something in me. “There may be a great fire [...]

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