“How can I get my girlfriend to make the first move in bed?”

I was recently asked this question for online magazine The Question. There are so many factors that can influence whether or not your girlfriend initiates sex. It’s important to understand what it is that’s stopping her. Does she lack confidence? Does she fear rejection? Or is it that she thinks for some reason it is [...]

Ten reasons you’re too tired for sex

Couples often tell me they are too tired for sex. I am quoted in the following article on WebMD which explains why that might be the case. Read the article HERE. http://www.webmd.boots.com/sex-relationships/features/too-sleepy-for-sex

Eight lifestyle habits to improve your sex life

How much does your lifestyle impact on your sex life? I am quoted in the following article on WebMD, which explains this! Read the article HERE!

What actually happens during orgasm?

Ever wanted to know what actually happens during male and female orgasm?? Check out my recent input as a Psychosexual Therapist in The Question - a website magazine which addresses questions on all topics asked of experts in their fields! Read the article HERE.