Now we are three

    I was recently invited to a Children’s Centre in Hertfordshire, to talk to a group of new mothers on a subject that forms the basis of many issues that couples come to see me with. That is; having a new baby and its impact on the couple relationship. Parents-to-be can spend months preparing [...]

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Masters of Sex

Read The Guardian Article Here There have been many television programmes about sex recently, including Channel 4's Sex Box and Porn on the Brain. Some of these have received criticism from Sex Therapists for various reasons. The new television series, Masters of Sex (the first episode was aired on Channel 4 on 8th October 2013 [...]

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            Vaginismus is a condition that affects thousands of women in the UK, and results in difficulties in being penetrated by any object such as a finger, tampon or allowing a partner to penetrate with their penis. Any such attempts or indeed vaginal touching or a suggestion of this, will [...]

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